Released a new version
Volunteered/Contributed to a non-profit
Public safety contribution
Designed data visualization
Designed visual elements
Programmed in Python
Worked with Node.js

Version 5 of TripSit's Drug Combo Chart is Live!

We just released Version 5 of TripSit's drug combination table (also known as the "Combo Chart")! Since its first iteration, this chart has been used by a number of global harm reduction-focused organizations with presence at high-risk events like music festivals and various nightlife circles to provide quick reference on what drug combinations should be avoided at all costs.

This update includes a number of enhancements to the underlying code used to generate the resulting assets—Python and JavaScript, mostly—as well as enhanced translations that were crowdsourced from our community on Discord and IRC (including German, Polish, French, and more). We are still looking for help with these translations if you are able to provide help there!